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Beautiful beaches near Agia Galini

If you are looking to explore the greater area of Agia Galini, why not start by exploring some of the most wonderful beaches the area has to offer. Beaches with magnificent views, sunsets, and crystal clear waters.

Visit the beaches by boat. The 'Elizabeth' boat sails to Agios Georgios and Prasonisi, the 'Agia Galini' boat to Paximadia island and the 'Sachtouris' boat to Preveli. All boats set off from the harbor of Agia Galini at 10.30 every morning.

For more information, visit the kiosks in front of the boats by the harbour every day from 18.00 - 20.00pm. The trip to ‘paximadia’ island and 'Prasonisi' beach include food and drinks (barbeque grilling), snorkeling, fishing and swimming in blue-green waters.  Significant archeological site, the Minoan Palace of Phaestos. The palace ruins face wonderful views of Mount Ida.

Agios Georgios beach - is the closest beach beyond Agia Galini by car. It is a ten minute drive from Agia Galini and the road is paved with asphalt. Agios Georgios is a beautiful sandy beach with clear blue waters and with a wonderful, cosy little taverna down by the beach. You definitely shouldn't miss going. Info: you have to take your own sun umbrella with. 


Agios Pavlos and 'Sand Hills' beach - another beach close to Agia Galini (apr. 30-40 min away). A sandy bay with magnificent waters, ideal for those who love swimming and snorkelling. Right next to Agios Pavlos is the more secluded ‘Sand hills’ beach. The view is unique in both beaches. Tip: visit 'Scopas' by the beach for a good snack. Info: organised with sunbeds & umbrellas and restaurants.

Triopetra – the three rocks. If you continue along the coastline passing Agios Georgios and Agios Pavlos you will first reach the small Triopetra beach and then the long Triopetra. Both great beaches worth ending the day with. The setting in the long Triopetra is inspiring with beautiful colorful sunsets. A great beach to visit especially for yoga fans. Tip: 'Apanemia' restaurant' in the small Triopetra has delicious food.

Info: both beaches are organised with sunbeds & umbrellas. The long Triopetra has two restaurants next to each other.  

Komos – a long sandy beach that doesn’t get overcrowded even in the middle of August. It stretches over 2 km along the south coast west of Matala, and is up to 40m wide. Komos beach is covered with fine golden sand and framed by natural dunes and cliffs, tamarisk trees and sand lilies. The western part of Komos is a paradise for nudists. Tip: At the eastern end is the lovely beach bar called 'Bunga Bunga' which serves very good food and where you will enjoy the hippie influence of Matala. 

Matala - If you are in the mood of combining some tourist shopping, sightseeing, lunch and a swim, visit the renown, once Mecca for the hippies (the caves), town of Matala. On your way to Matala don’t miss the chance to visit the significant archeological site, the Minoan Palace of Phaestos. The palace ruins face wonderful views of mount Ida.

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