Coronovirus / covid-19

Feel safe when you stay at Hotel Hariklia

Certified Health & Safety training programs on INFECTION PREVENTION & CONTROL 

HEALTH FIRST certificate

Hotel policy & procedures


Social distancing at all times, within and outside the hotel premises is of vital importance for the safety of our guests. It is essential that guests keep a 1.5m distance from each other.


Check-in procedure:

Guests are welcomed in our outdoor spaces with safe distances for a contactless check-in process. 

Complying with National health and safety protocols, all guests arriving at the property must: 

- undergo temperature screening with a touchless device.

- fill out a registration form providing full name, address, contact number, email & copy of passport (personal data handled in accordance with the GDPR)

How does our Hotel provide a safe environment for its guests

-All contact surfaces including seats, tables, handles, etc are sterilized

-Personal protective equipment PPE is worn during room service. 

-Safe distances between seats & tables in the balcony area. 

-Sanitization stations allocated within public areas. 

-Rigorous cleaning of the rooms and thoroughly sanitized prior to guests' arrival.   

What happens in case of a COVID-19 incidence while you are on holiday

What happens if you or another guest experience COVID-19 symptoms

infection control instructions, comply with the requirements of physical distancing, response in case somebody becomes ill with COVID-19 symptoms, develop partnerships and plans with your local health and social service providers in advance of any emergency